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Park of Xingqing Palace
Then you can go to Park of Xingqing Palace. It is a cultural relic park built on the site of tang xingqing palace in 1958. It is the largest urban park in Xi'an. The Xingqing Lake and the reclaimed hills of the clear waters are harmoniously integrated into the building.
Taiping National Forest Park
If you still have time, you can go to Taiping National Forest Park. Here has the northwest region rare deep mountain waterfall, the number of numerous, among which the highest rainbow falls the largest drop more than 160 meters. Every April, the entire scenic area is full of natural bauhinia, bright and beautiful, and is known as the “natural scenery of the Great Qinling Mountains”.
Gao Family Courtyard
First of all, you can go to the Gao Family Courtyard. It is the former residence of Gao Yuelu, which has a history of more than 400 years. There are souvenirs with Shaanxi characteristics such as Ming and Qing architectural art, traditional residences, brick carving art, folk paper-cutting, shadow play, porcelain and so on.
Xi'an Incident Memorial Hall
Next you can go to the Xi'an Incident Memorial Hall. It is a special memorial hall built on the base of general zhang xueliang's mansion and general Yang hucheng's zhiyuan villa, an important site of "xi 'an incident", covering a total area of 9,141 square meters. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Xi'an Incident in December 1986, it was opened to the outside world.
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